Monday, 6 June 2011

A foody celebration

I've had some time on my hands. Two and a half weeks before going back to work, to be precise. So what better way to use it than to plan a little tea party. And since we'd been to America (duh), I decided to theme it on the US of A.

Which mainly meant lots of red, white and blue and a large dose of sugary, fatty food. Nom nom, etc. Here's the most part of the spread.

Yup, my apron has my name on it.

And that bunting? It goes all along the length of the other wall and it took me a few hours to make. But it was worth it when a lovely friend said it was the neatest bunting she'd ever seen. I didn't have enough time to sew proper bunting (I started it the day before the party, whoops), so I made it out of coloured card and punched holes to thread string through. Easy peasy.

When it comes to cooking, I'm no chef. I can handle one-pot dishes and a roast dinner but that's about your lot.

Baking, however. That's my thang. I follow the recipe to the T and - huzzah! - the cakes come out almost like the picture in book. That's the sort of cooking I like. So I made cakes. Many many cakes. So many that we had some left over (YAYS).

And when I say I like baking, I also like the glory that comes with it. There was a little surprise when I cut into that rather large (and slightly wonky) beast of a cake your saw above...

EEK, IT'S AN AMERICAN RAINBOW CAKE!! There were gasps of delight all around and I was very chuffed indeed. It tasted pretty dang good, too. The cupcakes were either red velvet, white or blue vanilla, too, but I couldn't have told you that earlier or I'd have ruined the surprise.

Other tasty American-style treats included (but not all in the pic above) these stinky corndogs, pastrami sandwiches, pepperjack cheese sandwiches, beef and veggie slider burgers, pretzels, cheese puffs and pickles. Mmm.

Oh, and this incredible American flag pie made by Adam's fair hands - arguably even more impressive than the rainbow cake. I'd like to take credit for finding the picture of the pie and the recipe on the interweb (it's my party and I'll boast if I want to!) but credit where credit's due: the boy done good.

Here's a close-up of the cherry and blueberry delight.

It went down a treat with some squirty cream.

Altogether a successful little party. Oh, and in case you're wondering, there were actual real people in attendance. We just didn't have the camera out because we were too busy stuffing our faces.

Can you blame us?