Sunday, 27 February 2011

The sporks

This is where it all started.

If you go travelling, or away for any stretch of time, then you're going to need a spork. Right? Apparently, they "bring a bit of civilisation to the wild and a bit of wild to civilsation".

I'm pretty sure I bought them for the latter reason.

Nevertheless, these sporks were the first thing I got for our trip. Before we'd decided that we could actually do this trip (get time off work, afford it... the usual trip-threatening obstacles).

These sporks brought hope to our pipe dream.

Fork and spoon (and a knife - sporkife?). All in one. The trip's on.

Footnote: the packaging says "comes in civilised colours". I think we'll probably look like overgrown babies eating from our orange (mine) and green (his) plastic sporks, but eat from them we will.

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