Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ann Arbor: a musical tour

Tonight is our last night in Ann Arbor, Michigan with our amazing hosts Allie and Mike.

Mike is studying at University Of Michigan so on our first night we headed to the university's Hill Auditorium to see the University Symphony Orchestra. Incredible. And free!

Most of the musicians are in their early 20s. Wowsers. On Saturday night we went a little more leftfield.... and experienced MiND (Music in Neural Dimensions). Yes. Exactly as kooky as it sounds. These people had ECG machines on their heads which read their brain waves and translated them into 'music'. Behold.

Wow. Our MiNDs were a little blown by this hour of meditative brain wave weirdness but as we were walking through the uni buildings to stay out of the wind and get back to the car, we came across a little party in a foyer and they let us eat their cupcakes!

The frosting was like whipped marshmallow. Very yummy and musically themed to boot. This would never have happened at Cardiff Uni... We'd had a late night the night before so we decided to go back to Allie and Mike's apartment and chill out. The car had other ideas when it died at an intersection. Luckily the very very nice AAA man came to our rescue (he was pretty buff too, FYI).

To conclude our musical tour of Ann Arbor, we went downtown on Sunday (today) and hit Encore record store. Oh, and it was National Record Store Day over here yesterday so our visit to Encore was double the fun. I bought Dolly Dolly Dolly for $6.

There ends our musical tour of Ann Arbor. Our food tour was even more epic. But that's another blog post.

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