Tuesday, 12 April 2011

We're here! Time for pizza pie....

Greetings from Chicago! We are here. It was a long old journey: left the house in Bristol at 8am and arrived at our hotel at 2am local time. Yawn.... But we didn't hit the sack before getting ourselves some genu-wine Chicago pizza pie. Oh look, Gino's East is right next door to our hotel.

The walls of this place are covered in writing. Check out the board.

The boy was very excited...

And ruddy hungry. So he ordered some garlic bread sticks to start. We thought they'd be like the bread sticks you can buy in Sainsbury's.

WRONG! These babies are least the size of a jumbo weenie from the chippie.

And then came the main event (soundtracked by Bennie & The Jets, awesome). Deep dish cheese and spinach pizza pie. This is a small.

"Phenomenal!" according to a guy outside the place. I'd agree if I'd been able to manage more than about three mouthfuls. It was about 4am UK time at this point...

I'll have another free refill, though.


  1. Hi Lucy and Adam

    Hope you don't mind Lucy but your mum gave me your blog address as I was curious about your travels - well nosey really!

    Really love the happy photos so please keep 'em coming..

    Anyway, enjoy your journey and make the most of it. Happy trails....


  2. Thanks Den! Glad that people are reading!!