Wednesday, 6 April 2011


So today was my last day at work for nine weeks. Very strange... in a very good way! The weather was feeling my holiday vibe: the sun had its shiniest hat on, it was a balmy 18 degrees and we left for office at 4pm. Hello, shandy o'clock.

What made the day even nicer was an unexpected gift from my good friend Ed.

Yus! Road Trip USA: Cross-Country Adventures On America's Two-Lane Highways. Most excellent present and a book I've had on my Amazon Wish List for an age but never got around to ordering. So many (full colour!) pages of road trip awesomeness...

So, thanks Edster!


  1. I am the first person to comment! Amazing. Where's my prize.
    Hope you had a great flight. Don't forget to check out Al Capone and Chicago Town Pizza...or better yet, these places

    Beef dipped sandwiches sound particularly brilliant

  2. I am honoured to receive my first comment from you, H'Ross. We went to Gino's East! Stay tuned...