Monday, 30 May 2011

Martha, I love you

Martha Stewart, that is: high priestess of homemaking.

Last autumn I got Martha's 2010 Halloween Handbook and wanted more more more. But I've struggled to find other Martha-branded mags over here so I was super excited (yes, I even squealed) when I found the May edition of Martha Stewart Living in Borders in Ann Arbor.

It's FULL of pretty pretty things, recipes, party ideas... and because this one was based around florals, it had a section on Northern Californian flower growers and markets. We planned to find some around San Francisco but didn't get the time (great story, I know). I also managed to nab the June issue before we flew back, this one with a summertime theme.

In other trip-related Martha news, I found out about Martha Stewart's line of products at Macy's department store on my favourite food blog. She has a whole selection of bakeware and accessories, but what I was after was this little piece of genius.

Breakfast To Go. This baby takes Tubberware-type containers to a whole new level. It has two clever compartments where you can separate the different elements of your breakfast. Stick cereal flakes or granola in the bottom and it won't go all mushy by the time you get to eat it because that naughty yoghurt has its own little level.

There's more. It comes with a spoon! It lives under the top layer, and you just click the two bits together. So you don't have to have a rogue piece of cutlery knocking around your handbag, clanging against your sunglasses case and getting caught up in your keys. So clever.

Adam was jealous of my find so I bought him one, too. Oh, and one for big sis. I'm starting a UK Martha Stewart Breakfast To Go revolution, me.

But I couldn't leave Macy's with just a a handful of Breakfast To Go pots. Oh, no. I wanted MORE. (Well, I wanted all of it, to be precise, but there's only so much you can sneak onto your boyfriend's credit card account and indeed fit into your suitcase.)

This marvellous invention came home with me, too. Lunch On The Go? Yes, please.

OK, so same concept: the different parts of your meal stay separated in their own little plastic homes. Stick your sangers in the bottom and then have your fruit and some cookies in the top two sections. Lovely.

But the most exciting part about this set is that it contains a REMOVABLE ICE PACK. Come on! (Notice also how the little tubs have measurements on them. Nifty.)

No longer will the full fridge at work render my sandwiches office temperature as they sit under my desk (no one likes sweaty cheese, do they?).

I will simultaneously have the coolest lunchbox and smuggest pre-lunch face my office has ever seen.

Lunchtimes will never be the same. Especially if I use my Breakfast To Go pot as a clever snack receptacle. Carrot/cucumber/celery sticks and houmous. Raisins and crackers plus peanut butter. Oatcakes on the bottom, cheese and grapes on top.

Oh, the possibilities... I can't wait to use them. Is it time to go back to work yet?

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