Sunday, 1 May 2011

Viva Las Vegas

There she is, looming out of the haze: The Strip.

Vegas is nuts. But strangely it has everything you could ever need (except from perhaps a pint of milk).

You want to go to New York? Yes siree, it's right next door.

You need socks? The World's Greatest Sock Store will satisfy all of your foot clothing needs.

Don't want to miss out on the gambling fun while you get a drink at the bar? No need!

CSI fan? Get thee to the CSI: Experience (this one's for you, mum).

You want to see animals? Forget about the zoo. Go to a casino, of course! The MGM Grand to be precise.

You want to win dollar? That's right, I'm talking big dollar (three big dollars).

Finally, if you want a frozen custard (and I'm serious here), Luv-It MUST be on your to-do list. Thanks for the tip-off, big sis. This was the best. We had the Western Specials. Mmmm yeah.

There you have it. Vegas: we can't say we'll miss you but we certainly won't forget you - or this delightful souvenir display.

PS: big thanks to Martin for sorting us out for tix to the Criss Angel show! Row AA no less.

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